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Stories of Service:  Veteran Bio Form

Can't get to the Center?  The Veteran Bio Form below can get their story told for generations who visit our center.

We understand that some family members and friends of New Hampshire veterans may not live in the area but still desire to add their loved one's story to the Remembrance Station. For that purpose, we've created a simple form below that you can fill out and submit. We will receive the form via email and enter in the information into our database. 

Photo Uploads:  (3 maximum) If you included uploaded  photos we ask that you identify the filename(s) your are uploading and a brief description of each one so we can properly annotate them when entering them into the database (For Example: "Photo 1 - Frank J Smith standing at Remagen Bridge, Germany") There is a section to describe each photo at the bottom of the form. Photos are not required and can be added later.

If you make an error or forgot something after you submit the form, don't worry. You can send us an email at with the date and approximate time you submitted your form and we'll make the adjustments. Or - you can visit the Learning Center and corrections can be made at the Remembrance Station at any time.