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World War II NH

Watch this NHPBS Presents World War II New Hampshire that showcases the ways the folks of NH supported the fight for freedom.     Includes interviews, historical footage, photographs, and radio reports from the battlefields.  

This was originally aired on 11/7/2013.

Link to the PBS Source:

Thirteen Folds on the Flag

The flag in the United States Armed Forces symbolizes honor and respect for veterans who have served. It is draped over the casket at the funeral, then folded and kept under watch throughout the night.  In the morning,  it is flown high as a symbol of belief in the resurrection of the body.   

Use this printable to teach your staff, students or employees about folding this important symbol of our country and the sacrifices so many have made on our behalf to defend our freedom.  

WW1 - Yankee Division

In collaboration with Dr. Heather Warfield, PhD, the premier of her research on the historical pilgrimages to the Western Front of WWI, this virtual pilgrimage website is intended to connect visitors with sites that were meaningful to the Yankee Division during, and after, their service in France. This virtual tour is an ongoing collaboration amongst all those interested in the memory of the soldiers, their family stories, the places from which they originated, and the historical and cultural contexts of WWI. You can visit the site by clicking on the image on the left. 

Medal of Honor

AUSA Online Graphic Novels about Medal of Honor Recipients - 

Civil War

The American Civil War Insitute blog page on New Hampshire in the Civil War: has a page of resources on New Hampshire in the Civil War (many links to research sources):

New Hamshire in the Civil War from NH Department of Cultural Reources: 

Website of the Charles W Canney Camp #5 - Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (Rochester, New Hampshire)

World War I compendium page of World War I history -

NH World War I history - Historical researcher, geneologist and NH Blogger Janice Brown has done alot of work in researching and writing about the World War I veterans from NH. See it here: 

World War II compendium of World War II history -

General Interest

Lesson Plan Creation site. Create online customized lesson plans using drag n' drop features (paid service):

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