Schedule a Tour

You can schedule a guided visit to the NH State Veterans Cemetery and Veterans Heritage Learning Center.   

Schedule A gUIDED tOUR

We can arrange a guided tour for small and large groups as well as educational 'field trips' with a variety of customizable learning activities. 

*Your group may have an opportunity to observe a military burial during your visit.  If granted, the groups would be asked to stage themselves in an area at a reasonable distance to observe the burial while not interfering with the family during this time of grieving. We ask that groups in observance be respectful and silent during the burial. 


Note:  Due to our Learning Center is co-located on the cemetery grounds, there are potential times when groups of students visiting may be during times of full operations where military funerals are being conducted. With that in mind, we ask that for visitors and teachers with student groups be aware of this and ensure that appropriate decorum be observed while visiting.