Memorial Walkway

Visit The Memorial Walkway

You can find the Memorial Walkway behind the Administration Building.  Monuments have been placed through generous donations from businesses, individuals, and groups throughout the state.  Memorial pavers and bricks can be found along the pathway.

#1 Vietnam Veterans Monument 

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial located in the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery is a poignant tribute to the soldiers who served in the Vietnam War. The memorial was dedicated on May 22, 2004, and honors all New Hampshire veterans who lost their lives in the conflict. 

#2 NH Vietnam Veterans of America Memorial 

The NH Vietnam Veterans Of America Memorial was given in honor of NH Vietnam Veterans by the Central New Hampshire Chapter 41, Vietnam Veterans of America. 

#3 NHSVC Cemetery Chapel Mural Tribute

The Murals on the two walls in the Chapel are given in tribute to all veterans and their families by the Department of New Hampshire Ladies Auxiliary Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). The murals were the Special Project of Department President, Jacqueline Nevin 2007 - 2008. 

#5 Major General Lloyd M Price Memorial

In memory of Major General Lloyd M Price, Adjutant General, New Hampshire National Guard, 1949 - 1994. He was a leader who cared about the individual soldier. The memorial is sponsored by the National Guard Association of NH, New Hampshire National Guard Enlisted Association, and his friends. 

#6 Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club

Dedicated to the men and women who serve our country in the armed forces and further serve our communities and state in law enforcement. Donated by NH 4 "Ride with Pride."  Watch the dedication.

#7 Section 4 Gazebo Donation 

The Steenbeke family donated the Section 4 Gazebo in memory of James Steenbeke, Sr. He was born on October 5, 1919, and passed away on June 30, 2001. 

#8 NH Veterans Cemetery Chapel Stained Glass 

The Chapel Stained Glass monument stands as a tribute, acknowledging the gesture of the citizens of New Hampshire and the Granite State Vietnam Veterans Foundation for their donation for the stained glass for the chapel at the NHSVC.

#9 American Legion Post 7 

This bench serves as a monument from the American Legion Post 7 Family to honor God and Country in dedication to all branches of service. 

#10 Navy Cross Recipient Martin Gillespie

This memorial is dedicated to Martin Lawrence Gillespie, Jr.  He served as an FMF Navy Corpsman  and was a Navy Cross recipient.  He is honored on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington DC.  Panel 06e, Line 31.   

#11 Marine Raiders 1942 - 1944

The Marine Raiders of World War II were formed shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor as the first Special Operations Military Force in US history.  They were comprised of four battalions to stop the advancing enemy in the islands of the South Pacific, ultimately leading the way towards a victorious outcome.  Since 2015 Marine Special Operations Commandare now also known as Raiders.  

#12 US Marine Corp Memorial

The United States Marine Corps Memorial is dedicated to New Hampshire Marines, Navy Corpsmen, and Chaplains who since 1775 served faithfully in peace and war.   It was dedicated on November 10, 2005.

# 13 US Marines 1775 - 1998 Soldiers of the Sea

The Soldiers of the Sea monument is dedicated to all marines who served our nation as members of seagoing sea detachments aboard naval ships.  

14 Gator Utility Vehicle Edgar Morse Potter

The Edgar Morse Potter (USNR) Memorial is placed in memory of CMDR Edgar Morse Potter, USNR DC World War II given by his wife Marth G. Potter, USMC WR World War II.  

#15 Bench Rene Arthur Gagnon

The bench is dedicated in honor of Rene Arthur Gagnon, a United States Marine Corporal who participated in the Battle of Iwo Jima during World War II.  

# 17 United States Coast Guard Memorial

Dedicated on August 6, 2011, the United States Coast Guard Memorial is dedicated to all the men and women who served in the US Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxillary.  

# 18 United States Air Force Memorial

The roundel dates from the early days of the Air Force and is used today on aircraft and missiles alike.  The three granite tablets show icons and symbols with text representing the Air Force and its history in New Hampshire.  The spires evoke a modern image of flight by jet and space vehicles.  They also enshrine the past in permanent remembrance of the pioneers who came before and pay homage to those of the future.  There are three to capture the core values of the Air Force.  

# 19 Michael W. Horne - NHSVC Director

Mike was a civil engineer before serving in the United States Air Force for 4 years. He served another 28 years at the NH National Guard. At the NHNG, Mike worked closely with Roger Desjardins, the cemetery director. Mike became the NHSVC director 2008 - 2018. He drove past the Boscawen State Forest each day for the 4 years he served in the USAF, not knowing that the forest would become the cemetery where he spend a decade of service.

# 20 NAM Knights of America MC - White Mountain Chapter

This bench was dedicated by the NAM Knights of America MC, White Mountain Chapter representing all branches of service in the Vietnam Conflict. 

Founded in 1989 by Vietnam War veterans who were also police officers, the Nam Knights of America Motorcycle Club is a non-profit organization with chapters across the United States and Canada. 

# 21 Avenue of Flags Replacement 

The Priscilla Chapter #51 Order of the Eastern Star in Penacook, NH sponsored the replacement flags for the 'Avenue of Flags' entrance to the sacred grounds at the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery in honor of all veterans.  The Order of the Eastern Star is a charitable, fraternal, and educational organization. Priscilla Chapter meets at Horace Chase Lodge in Boscawen, NH.  

# 22 George R Cochrane VFW Post 7015

This memorial is a tribute to our veterans, with a special remembrance of Sergeant George R. Cochrane, U.S. Army, 180th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division. Born in Berlin, NH in 1911, George enlisted in 1943. His service was marked by valor during the fierce combat for Hill 422 near Fremifontaine, France, where he confronted the German 111th Panzer Grenadiers. On October 6, 1944, he made the ultimate sacrifice and was awarded posthumously the Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster. 

# 24 Avenue of Flags Donations

The Avenue of Flags monument lists those who sponsored a flag and pole in honor of all veterans.  The Avenue of Flags consists of a row of American flags that line the entrance road of the NHSVC creating a powerful visual display of patriotism and a symbolic representation of the veterans' service and sacrifice for their country.  

# 25 American Legion Post

The American Legion Post 31 from Penacook, NH donated this bench. The American Legion is a national organization that was founded in 1919 to provide programs and services to veterans, their families and their communities. 

# 26 Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Memorial

The Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Memorial honors Chapter 17, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts veterans who served during the largest and bloodiest battle fought by the US Army in World War II.   Many of these troops were just 18 years old and fought through tremendous cold and snow without appropriate gear or adequate nutrition.  They are rightly regarded today as the 'Greatest Generation.'  

# 27 USS Franks E Evans (DD-754) Destroyer

Dedicated on September 23, 2007, the USS Frank E. Evans DD754 stands in memory of all sailors who served aboard the destroyer.  It reads, "May we never forget the ship the crews who proudly sailer her, and those who paid the ultimate price while serving their country.  'Some Gave All' on June 3, 1969, in the collision of the USS Frank E. Evans (DD754) and HMAS Melbourne R-21 During the Vietnam War.  Sailors from New Hampshire, QM Gary Joseph Vigue.  "Lest we forget.' 

# 28 Navy Seabee Veterans of America Memorial

The Navy Seabee Veterans of America sets this memorial 'IN HONOR OF ALL SEABEES' from the Lakes Region Island X-4, New Hampshire.  The Seabees were experienced, highly skilled craftsmen … electricians, carpenters, plumbers, equipment operators — virtually any construction or building trade was welcome.  The quote reads 'CAN DO'  |  WE BUILD WE FIGHT FOR PEACE AND FREEDOM.

# 29 Navy Seabee Veterans of America 

The Navy Seabee Veterans of America bench was placed and dedicated through the efforts of NSVA Island X-4 Lake Region, NH in cooperation with the New Hampshire Veterans Cemetery.

# 30 US Navy Memorial

The US Navy Memorial stands as a solemn tribute to the brave men and women who have served in the United States Navy throughout its storied history. 

It provides a space for reflection and remembrance, featuring not only benches for contemplation but also memorial pavers inscribed with the names of those who have served. 

The dedication ceremony and unveiling took place on September 23, 2007.

# 31 USS Samuel B Roberts DE-413 Crew Memorial 

The USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413) was a destroyer escort that was sunk during the Battle of Samar in the Philippines on October 25, 1944. The battle was part of the larger Leyte Gulf Operation, which was the invasion of the Philippines by American forces. The USS Samuel B. Roberts was one of a small number of American ships that engaged a much larger Japanese force. Despite being outnumbered, the American ships were able to drive off the Japanese force and protect the American carriers. The USS Samuel B. Roberts was sunk in the battle, but her crew was credited with playing a decisive role in the Allied victory.  

# 32 US Merchant Marine Monument

The Merchant Marine played a vital role in the Allied victory in World War II. They delivered troops and supplies across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, often in the face of danger from German U-boats. The monument is a tribute to the courage and sacrifice of the New Hampshire Merchant Marine Veterans who served their country during this difficult time. 

It is dedicated to the New Hampshire Merchant Marine Veterans, honoring those who served in World War II, December 7, 1941 - August 15, 1945.  

#33 Annie Frasier Norton USN WW1 Memorial 

Annie Fraiser Norton was a United States Naval Sailor. At age 25, she was a Yeowoman attached to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. After she died of influenza, she became the first woman to receive full military honors from the United States Armed Services upon her death. A Pinkerton Academy and Bryant and Stratton’s Business College graduate, she joined the Navy and was a secretary at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 

#34 American Legion Post 21, Concord, NH

The NH American Legion Post 21 Ladies Auxiliary is the women's auxiliary of the American Legion Post 21 in Concord, New Hampshire. The American Legion Auxiliary is the world's largest women's patriotic service organization. Their mission is to support The American Legion and to honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad.  

#36 Knights of Columbus 12147 

This monument is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus No 12147, Bishop Leo O'Neil Council of Franklin, NH.

#37 Knights of Columbus Post 2170 

This monument is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus No 2170, Father Timon Council of Franklin, NH.  

#38 Knights of Columbus Council 4442 

This monument is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Council No 4442 Bishop Peterson of Salem, NH.  

#39 Knights of Columbus No. 0638

This monument is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Council No  0638 Father A.J. Timon Assembly of Franklin, NH .

#40 NH Elks Veterans

This monument is sponsored by the New Hampshire Elks Veterans for 'our departed members.'  

#44 Brown & Knight VFW Post 8268

This monument is sponsored by the Brown & Knight VFW Post 8268 of Bennington, VT.

#45 NHSVC Sections 5 & 6 Expansion Donations

This memorial is in honor of Petty Officer Joseph W. Parker Sr., US Navy Construction Battalion, Private First Class Willard E. Bussieres, US Marine Corps, and all veterans who have served our country. J. Parker & Daughters Construction Inc. proudly donated construction site work for the expansion of sections five and six of the veterans cemetery on January 3, 2006.

#46 POW Korean and WWII Memorial

The Prisoners of War Memorial was dedicated in 2007 to honor New Hampshire residents who were prisoners of war during World War II and the Korean War. The memorial consists of three granite stones. The central stone features a bronze eagle with outstretched wings, perched on a globe. The names of New Hampshire residents who were prisoners of war are listed on the left and right stones.

#48 Veterans of Foreign Wars 

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Concord NH Post 1631 donated this memorial to honor the members of their post and its auxiliaries. This gesture commemorates their service and sacrifice, ensuring their contributions to their country are remembered within the community. 

#49 NH Knights of Columbus 0627

The NH Knights of Columbus Memorial at the NH State Veterans Cemetery was dedicated in 2013 to honor military personnel from all wars and in times of peace. It serves as a tribute to the service and sacrifice of our armed forces, recognizing their contributions throughout history, not just during times of conflict but also during periods of peace.

#51 Catholic War Veterans Memorial 

The NH Catholic War Veterans of the USA Memorial is dedicated to honoring all Catholics who have served their country. It stands as a tribute to their contributions and sacrifices in defense of their nation.  The CWVNH is a non-profit organizations comprised of Cathoic men and women who have served honorably in the US Armed forces.

52 The Forty & Eight American Legion Memorial

The 40/8 Memorial in the United States honors World War I soldiers with French railway boxcars known as 40/8s, which were used to transport soldiers or horses. Repurposed as memorials, these boxcars symbolize the solidarity between the United States and France and stand as a testament to the bravery and resilience of those who served.

#53 American Legion Post 63 Salem

The memorial bench at Post 63 in Salem, NH symbolizes the community's dedication to honoring and remembering military service members. It serves as a meaningful tribute and a place for reflection, expressing gratitude and respect for the veterans' courageous service to their nation.

#54 Sons of the American Legion

The Sons of The American Legion (SAL) play a crucial role in honoring veterans and their sacrifices, particularly through their support for memorials like the one at the NHSVC. 

This organization, comprised of sons of veterans, carries forward a legacy of patriotism and service by ensuring that the memory of those who served during times of conflict is upheld with dignity and respect.

#55 AMVETS Post 2 Bench

The AMVETS Post 2 Salem, NH bench memorial at the NH State Veterans Cemetery is dedicated in memory of their departed comrades. It serves as a tribute to honor and remember those who have served their country and have passed away.

#56 American Legion Donation

In memory of all veterans, the American Legion Henry J Sweeney Post No. 2 generously donated this Hydro-Seeder & Lawn Vacuum. Their thoughtful contribution enhances our ability to maintain and beautify community spaces.

#57 Concord Lions Club Bench

The Concord Lions Club memorial bench stands proudly as a tribute to honor the veterans who have bravely served their country. It serves as a symbol of gratitude and respect for their courage, sacrifice, and dedication to protecting our freedoms.

#59 NH Daughters of the American Revolution Memorial

The New Hampshire Daughters of the American Revolution Memorial serves as a tribute to the soldiers and patriot ancestors who fought and contributed to the American Revolution. It honors their bravery, sacrifices, and dedication to the cause of independence. Memorials like this one across the United States remind us of the courage and commitment of those who helped shape the nation's history and values.

#60 American Legion Post 88 Loudon

This memorial is a tribute from the American Legion Post 88 in Loudon. Post 88 was established in 1946, a year after the end of the Second World War, reflecting the large post-conflict influx of servicemen and women returning to New Hampshire. While most of the original members of Post 88 were World War II veterans, the post's roster also included veterans from World War I, which was previously known as the Great War.

#61 Sheldon Family Military Memorial

#63 Global War on Terrorism

This dedication reflects the deep gratitude of the citizens of New Hampshire towards those who responded to the call of duty after the tragic events of September 11, 2001. It honors not only the men and women who bravely served to protect freedom but also acknowledges the unwavering support of their families and friends. The memorial stands as a testament to their sacrifice and serves as a reminder that their contributions will never be forgotten.

#64/65 NH Rolling Thunder Chapter 1 Memorial

The Rolling Thunder Mission Statement:  "The major function of Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is to publicize the POW/MIA issue: to educate the public that many American prisoners of war were left behind after all previous wars, and to help correct the past and to protect future veterans from being left behind should they become Prisoners of War or Missing In Action. We are also committed to helping American veterans from all wars."

#66 Allied Memorial Remembrance Ride Bench

The Allied Memorial Remembrance Ride was organized by members of the Royal British Legion, a UK charity.  On June 30, 2012 this memorial bench was dedicated at the NHSVC.

#67 Native American Veterans Memorial (US/Canada)

The Native American Veterans Memorial is dedicated to all Native American veterans, both American and Canadian, who served to protect the land known as Turtle Island. The inscription on the memorial reads, "If we must die, we die defending our rights." - Sitting Bull 

#70 Cemetery Trees Donation

The sacred cemetery trees stand as a living tribute, lovingly planted in honor of all veterans and cherished individuals remembered on this memorial ground.

#71 Special Forces Regiment Memorial 

The Special Forces Regiment Memorial serves as a solemn tribute dedicated to the memory of all departed members of the Special Forces Regiment. It stands as a lasting symbol of honor and remembrance, commemorating their courage, sacrifice, and service to their country. 

#72 Special Forces Chapter LXXII

The motto "De oppresso liber" embodies the mission of the United States Army Special Forces, known as the Green Berets, to liberate the oppressed through specialized operations. These elite units excel in unconventional warfare, counter-terrorism, reconnaissance, and direct action missions. Their airborne training enables them to deploy rapidly via airdrops, enhancing their operational versatility and effectiveness.

#73 US Army Memorial

The US Army Monument was dedicated on May 30, 2011.  The focal point of the monument is the 'Battle Cross" - a bronze sculpture of combat boots, rifle and helmet.  The helmet signifies the fallen soldier, the inverted rifle with the bayonet signals a time for prayer, a break in the action to honor their comrade in arms.  The combat boots represent the soldier's final march of the last battle.  In front of the battle cross are the seals representing the three components of the United States Army.  The the rear is an inspiring glass wall depicting Army solders proudly wearing traditional uniforms in the period which they served. 

 #74 IOOF Bench

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) is a fraternal organization that has a long-standing tradition of honoring veterans and this memorial bench is set to commemorate veterans' service and sacrifice.  

#75 Disabled American Veterans Memorial

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is a nonprofit organization in the United States that provides support and advocacy for veterans who are disabled as a result of their military service.   The DAV was founded in `920 and has a long history of serving disabled veterans and their families across the country.  

#76 NH Veterans Association Bench 

The NHVA is an organization that includes soldiers, sailors, marines, members of the Army Nurse Corps, who served in the War of 1812 or the Civil War through the present, or Sons of Veterans’ organizations, who are residents of New Hampshire, or connected with New Hampshire units in the service.

#77 Gold Star Families Memorial Monument

The Boscawen Gold Star Families Memorial Monument has been established to honor, recognize, and serve Gold Star Families and the legacy of their Loved Ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Dedicated in 2018, the memorial was created by Medal of Honor Recepient Hershel "Woody' Williams to remember those families who have made the ultumate sacrifice.  

#78 NH State Grange Memorial

About the NH State Grange:  "The New Hampshire State Grange® provides a voice for the people of New Hampshire by promoting fellowship, embracing the family structure, enriching lives, and developing the potential of all persons through leadership opportunities, resource support, and other valuable benefits."

#79 NHVCA Benches

The NH State Veterans Cemetery Association support the maintenance of the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery as a dignified, final resting place which honors all veterans and eligible dependents.  This monument is to share all who have sponsored a granite bench in memory of our veterans and their loved ones.  

#81 Blue Star Memorial

The Blue Star Memorial Marker at the New Hampshire State Veterans’ Cemetery in Boscawen, dedicated on October 21, 2018, honors the Armed Forces who have defended the United States of America. Sponsored by the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., the marker stands among other memorials, symbolizing gratitude and remembrance.

#82 Combat Veterans Association - NH Chapter V

The Combat Veterans Association - NH Chapter V memorial, dedicated in 2008, stands as a tribute to New Hampshire's fallen veterans. It serves as a symbol of freedom, pride, and honor, embodying the sacrifices made by these brave individuals in defense of our freedoms. Veterans supporting veterans, it stands as a testament to remembrance and gratitude.

#83 Combat Vets Motorcycle Club Bench

#84 Reflection Fountain Dedicated to Gold Star Families

Nestled within the tranquil grounds of the NHSVC, the memorial fountain stands as a poignant tribute to the families of veterans. Crafted from local granite and funded by community donations, this reflective pool symbolizes the enduring sacrifices and unwavering support of military families throughout the state. The project, spearheaded by the New Hampshire Blue Star Mothers in collaboration with veteran groups, embodies a collective effort to create a place of solace and remembrance.  

#86 Military Order of World Wars Granite State Chapter 162

The Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) originated in 1919 from a group of US military officers returning from World War I, initially known as the American Officers of the Great War (AOGW). By 1920, it had chapters nationwide and was renamed MOWW at its first national convention in Detroit. Through challenges like the Great Depression and World War II, MOWW focused on patriotism, national defense, and supporting veterans. It expanded to promote citizenship and youth leadership, partnering with JROTC and ROTC programs. Honoring leaders as Honorary Commanders-in-Chief, MOWW remains dedicated to service and American values, evolving to meet 21st-century challenges while honoring its century-long legacy.

#87 Gerard (Monty) Montembeault US Navy

This monument stands as a solemn tribute to honor the bravery and sacrifice of all who served in the armed forces and the civilians who supported them at home during times of war. It is dedicated in memory of Gerard Montembeault, who served with distinction in the US Navy aboard the USS Banner, a destroyer in the South Pacific during World War II. 

#88 American Legion China Post One

At the NH State Veterans Cemetery, the memorial bench dedicated to American Legion China Post 1 stands as a testament to resilience and camaraderie. Established in 1919 at in Shanghai, China Post 1 endured World War II's challenges with unwavering solidarity, even through internment at the Pootung Civilian Assembly Camp. This bench honors their enduring spirit and the bonds forged in history's trials.

#89 Historical Walkway Donations

This monument is dedicated to those who proudly sponsored the monuments reflecting New Hampshire's Military History through donations.  One of the cemetery's premiere historical landmarks, the 20 Points of History, rings the flag plaza in the center of the cemetery, also known as the "Bowl"   These are designed for teachers to use as a primer for learning about the key points of New Hampshire's military history.  

#90 Korean War Memorial 

"Poor is the Nation that has no heroes; Shameful is the Nation that has them and forgets."  New Hampshire Korean War Memorial, sponsored by the Contoocook VFW Post 11490. 

This memorial was dedicated on May 30, 2007, to honor all New Hampshire veterans who served during the Korean War. So many brave soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice during the war. In the United States, there were 33651 deaths, 103284 wounded, 8177 missing, and 7140 POW's. 

#91 Contoocook VFW Post 11490

This memorial bench was given on behalf of Contoocook VFW Post 11490 by BAE Systems to honor all veterans.  'God Bless America, Home of the Free, Thanks to the Brave.'

#92 New Hampshire Free Masons Bench

The world's oldest Fraternity, the Free Masons "strive to maintain and uphold our Landmarks..."  The bench honors brothers of the Free and Accepted Masons who have served our country.  

#93 Fourth Marine Division World War II Monument

The Fourth Marine Division, formed in 1943 with reservists, played a pivotal role in the Pacific Theater of World War II. They distinguished themselves in key battles like Kwajalein, Saipan, and Tinian, where their amphibious expertise and determination helped secure vital airfields and strategic positions. However, their most famous and grueling campaign was at Iwo Jima, where they faced fierce Japanese resistance but ultimately succeeded in capturing the island, contributing significantly to Allied efforts in the Pacific. After the war, the division participated in the occupation of Japan until early 1946, cementing their legacy as a crucial force in the Pacific campaign and in the eventual Allied victory.

#94 The Fighting Fourth - Iwo Jima Marines

The "Fighting Fourth," or the 4th Marine Division, distinguished themselves during the intense Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. Assigned the daunting task of seizing Mount Suribachi, they navigated treacherous volcanic terrain under constant Japanese artillery and sniper fire. Despite these challenges, their unwavering courage and determination led to the iconic moment captured by Joe Rosenthal: Marines raising the American flag atop the mountain. This image symbolized their hard-fought victory and remains a powerful testament to their bravery amidst one of the war's fiercest battles.

#96 American Legion Firing Squad Post 48 Hudson 

One of several benches at the NHSVC, this reflective memorial sits on behalf of the Hudston Post 48 American Legion Firing Squad, a uniformed group that participates in ceremonies to honor deceased veterans.   The firing squad's role is to fire a volley during the ceremony, which may also include other events such as presenting the flag to the family, playing taps, and folding the flag. The firing squad is a respected tradition, and only those who feel a calling choose to serve in this role

#97 Combat Wounded Veterans Memorial - Purple Heart

This poignant memorial stands dedicated to the brave men and women wounded in America's wars, recognized by the Military Order of the Purple Heart. This tribute honors recipients of the Purple Heart Medal, awarded for wounds inflicted by enemy forces while serving in the U.S. armed forces. Founded in 1932, the Military Order of the Purple Heart remains a unique veterans organization exclusively composed of combat veterans, advocating for and protecting the interests of its members. The memorial serves as a solemn reminder of sacrifice and valor, commemorating those who have endured the physical and emotional tolls of war in defense of freedom and justice.

#98 Veterans Helping Veterans Bench

Veterans Helping Veterans aims to be a beacon of support adn solidarity.   This bench sits to support the organizations' dedication to fostering a sense of camaraderie among veterans, offering them a platform to share experiences, provide assistance and create a strong support network that transcends military service.

#99 Vietnam Veterans of America 

This memorial bench sits in dedication to the memory of New Hampshire's 227 fallen Vietnam Veterans given by the Vietnam Veterans of America Central New Hampshire Chapter 41.