Learning Resources 

Educators can use the learning activities whether learning on-site or online!  Select the links below to view learning topics and access learning materials. If you would like your customizable copy, just fill out the Teaching Materials Request Form. 

How to engage

Students can study the POW/MIA Remembrance Display in the main lobby of the admin building or the interactive display online and complete the assessement.

How to engage

Students can access the calendar events at the VHLC or online.  Teachers can have students further research a topic and provide additional information or submit a new event.

How to engage

This exhibit is best viewed AT the VHLC.  Students can use the worksheet or research an event or historical figure to further their knowledge.  

How to engage

Students can interview a veteran in the community or relative and submit a story of service.  This should be turned in and vetted by a teacher before submitting.  

How to engage

Students can further research the NH Medal of Honor recipients (currently only viewable AT the VHLC).  

How to engage

Students can view and take notes from the kiosks at the VHLC or use the online form with images to complete the activity.

Visit Activity Packet VHLC & Veterans Cemetery Comprehensive 2024

Suggestion - make your own copy and determine which parts you will have your students complete as part of their learning journey.

Comprehensive Activity Packet

In partnership with Rivier University and Ruth Bidwell, Social Studies teacher and NHVCA Board member, we've developed a Comprehensive Learning Packet you can use when visiting the cemetery with your group. 

Click the link below for the version you'd like to use.  Feel free to customize your copy to meet your needs.  This is a FULL day at the cemetery and may be too much for all to complete in full but you can modify to suit your learning objectives and time.  

Learning Center Theater Area - Authentic Footlocker Seating

This is a different kind of learning space. The Learning Center provides a theater, interactives, and a historical timeline of NH military history from the late 1600s to the present day.