POW / MIA Table Display

This display can be found just inside the doors of the Administration building in the reception area.  

The New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery is the final resting place of many of our own whom served their state and their nation to protect our homes, our families, and our nation.  Whether they died in combat or survived to continue their contributions in other ways, we owe them more than we can ever repay.  Even as we honor those at the State Veterans Cemetery in their final resting place, we remember others who did not return to whom we owe an equal measure of honor.  They are the Prisoners of War and the Missing in Action still not accounted for.  They are not forgotten.

Select the icons below to learn about each component and take a moment to reflect on the POW / MIA Table Display.  

The display above is representative of the thoughts and feelings of many individuals and organizations.  While there are many variations, the core thoughts are common to all.  The display and the accompanying words are most commonly presented at conventions, dinners, and events where it is appropriate to honor those who have served.

Sometimes there is one table with with settings for each military service.  At other times there is just one setting for all.  Some prefer the single setting because service identity fades for the POW/MIA; they are all Americans.

POW/MIA Recognition Day Ceremony at the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery - September 23, 2023 - Veterans of Foreign Wars - Department of New Hampshire