Welcome to the NH Veterans Heritage Learning Center

NH Veterans Heritage Learning Center provides an expansive environment for visitors to learn about New Hampshire veterans, their families, and the long history of service to our nation since the 1600s.  Educators, students, and all members of the public are invited to visit our exhibits and interactives which we hope will be engaging and help to open the door to encourage research, learn about New Hampshire's heroes, and visit the memorial grounds where so many are buried.

Learn about the significance of the display

Learn historical events 'on this day'

Follow the timeline of NH military history

Coming Soon!  View Stories Online.

Who in NH received the MOH Award?

Read about our Local Heroes

Visit Activity Packet VHLC & Veterans Cemetery Comprehensive 2024

Comprehensive Activity Packet

In partnership with Rivier University and Ruth Bidwell, Social Studies teacher and NHVCA Board member, we've developed a Comprehensive Learning Packet you can use when visiting the cemetery with your group. 

Click the link below for the version you'd like to use.  Feel free to customize your copy to meet your needs.  This is a FULL day at the cemetery and may be too much for all to complete in full.   There are additional materials on each point of interest page that you can select as well. 

Learning Center Theater Area - Authentic Footlocker Seating

This is a different kind of learning space. The Learning Center provides a theater, interactives, and a historical timeline of NH military history from the late 1600s to the present day.