The New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery offers several outdoor points of interest, each significant in honoring and remembering veterans:

Each of these outdoor points of interest serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by veterans and their families, ensuring that their legacy is honored and remembered for generations to come.

Outdoor Points of Interest

Inside Points of Interest

Our self-guided tours allow you to explore the cemetery online or in person....

The Chapel 

VHLC History Exhibits

Visit Activity Packet VHLC & Veterans Cemetery Comprehensive 2024

Comprehensive Activity Packet

In partnership with Rivier University and Ruth Bidwell, Social Studies teacher and NHVCA Board member, we've developed a Comprehensive Learning Packet you can use when visiting the cemetery with your group. 

Click the link below for the version you'd like to use.  Feel free to customize your copy to meet your needs.  This is a FULL day at the cemetery and may be too much for all to complete in full.