A Place to Honor and Learn...

Visitors to the Cemetery, including over 600 students annually, currently learn about and make personal connections with the over 10,700 NH veterans and family members buried on the grounds. Through the 20 Points of History, along with the Memorial Walkway, visitors gain knowledge of New Hampshire veterans who have served our country. The Veterans Heritage Learning Center has several engaging learning centers that enhance and connect historical events with the stories of those interred, making real, the history of NH and our country.

Pre Visit Tips


Parking is recommended at the Learning Center, along the side of the Administration Building.   If you are arriving by bus or with a large convoy, please contact the Cemetery staff [603-796-2026] the day before for instruction as to determine the best place to park so as not to interfere with the funeral operations at the cemetery. 


Daily funerals* can happen at any time from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Some days are busier than others (such as Fridays). We ask that when funeral corteges arrive and military honors are being prepared groups do not enter the areas of the grounds where the burials are being conducted. If groups are outside, we ask that silence be observed when honors are rendered (3 rifle volleys followed by TAPS or in some cases just TAPS). *

Grave Locator

There is a grave locator inside the front lobby of the Administration Building to find a specific burial site. You can also ask the cemetery staff for assistance if there is a specific person you are trying to locate.

Educational Materials

We have specific learning activities posted for 'The Cemetery' and 'The Learning Center' that you can use to support your teaching objectives.  Please let us know if we can help provide additional support.