Stories of Service

Preserving veterans stories

Every Veteran has a unique story to tell.....

No matter what branch of service, or when they served, they all have personal experiences like no other.

The Remembrance Station was designed with the unique concept of capturing history. The idea behind the Stories of Service Station is to allow visitors to input their stories into a searchable database to share with other visitors, students, and even other family members who come back to visit.

Using the touch screen, keyboard, camera, microphone and overhead scanner the system records the information about you or a loved one, friend, family member who was a veteran and served.

While we are hoping to capture as many stories of New Hampshire veterans who are buried at our cemetery, we welcome stories of any New Hampshire veteran who served, whether having already passed away or living.

If you come to visit the Veterans Heritage Learning Center, we encourage you to bring your information with you so you can enter it in at the Remembrance Station, located inside near the Media Room. If you have medals, ribbons or other small artifacts you can add them to your veteran's story using our overhead scanner attached to the Stories of Service Station. Just place the items on the black mat and scan an image of them to be included.

Complete the online bio form, and we'll put the data in as scheduling allows... Click here to go to the form