Preparing for  Your Visit

Wish to reserve the Learning Center for an education visit? Please email us at to reserve your date and time. 

A space to Honor and to Learn...

We hope your experience visiting our Veterans Heritage Learning Center and the Veterans Cemetery is a moving and meaningful experience. 

We endeavor to ensure that all our visitors can both appreciate the magnitude of sacrifice made by those interred on our grounds as well as learning about the vast history of New Hampshire veteran's service starting form the late 1600s up to our present day and beyond... 

Due to our Learning Center is co-located on the cemetery grounds, there are potential times when groups of students visiting may be during times of full operations where military funerals are being conducted. With that in mind, we ask that for visitors and teachers with student groups be aware of this and ensure that appropriate decorum be observed while visiting. 

Preparing for your Visit

We hope these tips will help everyone prepare for their visit and gain the best experience possible. 

New Learning Syllabus for educators visiting the cemetery and Learning Center. Click HERE